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 Japanese Knotweed Treatment, Removal, Control & Eradication!

If you have identified you have Japanese Knotweed growing in your garden or on your land what should you do? Before you go into panic mode, here is a checklist which may help you take the path necessary to resolving the problem!

So where do we begin?

1) Are you sure the plant really is Japanese Knotweed? Have you had definite identification that it is? If you haven’t you may want to seek advice from a Japanese Knotweed Specialist! You can use the web to do your research or see our Japanese Knotweed Identification Fact Sheet.

2) If you are treating knotweed near water (a river, lake etc) seek advice from the Environment Agency

3) Research the best options to deal with the problem – this will depend on where the Knotweed is, how developed it is etc. You should;

  • Make a plan of how best to control it based on your research.
  • Seek advice from a specialist and try to arrange a survey.
  • Treating early is best – begin treatment, suitable for your site.
  • You have a legal obligation not to allow it to spread so don’t let it get out of control. If you do you can expect more cost and greater problems in the long term.
  • It is important to remember that Japanese Knotweed is classified as ‘controlled waste’ and must be disposed of accordingly, read more

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