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giant hogweed removal

giant hogweed

Giant Hogweed Removal & Control

Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is the largest herbaceous plant found in the United Kingdom. It was introduced from the western Caucasus in the southwest of Russia in the early nineteenth century and has since spread throughout the UK and is often found growing in parks and wasteland and along roads, railways and waterways.

Giant Hogweed poses a serious threat to human health. The clear, watery sap found in all parts of the plant contains a compound that can cause severe and painful blistering on contact with the skin. The effect is further enhanced by exposure to the sun.

The most obvious characteristic is undoubtedly its height when fully mature, sometimes reaching up to 5 metres. Other features include a wide, bristly stem, which is often completely purple or is green with purples patches along it. It takes 3-4 years to mature and in its final year produces the main stem and a large flower head. After flowering, the plant dies off completely.

The Problems caused by Giant Hogweed

Specific problems caused by Giant Hogweed are:

  • Health risks
  • Habitat and biodiversity loss
  • River bank erosion
  • Impacts on amenity and local economy
  • Health and safety costs
  • Delays to development

How do you get rid of Giant Hogweed?

Once you find Giant Hogweed on a site, it is essential that you set up some form of Giant Hogweed management plan. Ashtrees eradication methods use the most modern, proven effective herbicide currently available, applied by trained NPTC qualified personnel to ensure compliance with Environment Agency and DEFRA guidelines and BASIS recommendations.

Why use Ashtrees Ltd

Ashtrees have extensive knowledge of identifying and eliminating Giant Hogweed and can help at any stage of the growth stage by:

  • Identification and site survey
  • Devising a Giant Hogweed management plan
  • Liaising with the relevant statutory bodies
  • Eradication procedure

Japanese Knotweed

We also treat, remove and control Japanese Knotweed. If you need advice relating to a Japanese Knotweed problem, please get in-touch.

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